Reference Swisscom TV

Top choice for crystal-clear television

The Head of IPTV Operations of Swisscom (Schweiz) AG gives Swisscom Broadcast very good marks for the cooperation.

How did Swisscom TV get started?

During the first years of operation, we had to invest heavily in order to carry out the necessary improvements. There were quite a few teething problems to begin with, starting with the distribution chain, signal transmission, encoding and home network. But thanks to Swisscom Broadcast’s expertise, willingness to help and flexibility, we managed to resolve all these issues.

Why did you choose Swisscom Broadcast?

The television industry has become much more dynamic through the internet; it is on the cusp of major change. Swisscom Broadcast is well equipped to keep up with this on-going transformation and meet rapidly changing requirements.

How would you rate Swisscom Broadcast?

In terms of customer satisfaction, availability and the quality of their services, they’re outstanding. In my opinion, Swisscom Broadcast is easily the best choice.