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Drone recognition and defence

Upgrade your drone protection –
with the modular Swisscom solution

In many areas, drones provide valuable services. Increasingly, however, they may also pose a threat, such as when they are used to steal information. Often unnoticed, they hover in the sky, filming objects and people. This is not the only risk associated with the use of drones by unauthorised persons. Incompetent handling, for instance, can cause a drone to crash, leading to property damage or even personal injury.

Maintain control of your airspace!

Swisscom's modular solution for the detection, tracking and surveillance of drones allows you to detect or prevent such attacks. You can add various options to the basic service package and tailor it specifically to your needs.

Basic service module
«Drone recognition»

The economical basic solution “Drone recognition” is quick to set up and starts providing information about drone activity straight away. Special sensors are positioned to monitor the airspace you specify. Any drone that enters the sensor’s reception range is detected automatically. Swisscom uses software to evaluate the signals and compare them with the drone database.

A scalable, modular protection concept

Additional directional sensors can be used to fix an alarm zone and to track and record the drones' flight path. If required for protection purposes, further modules include the integration of cameras, microphones and/or radar equipment for recording aerial vehicle details and identifying those that are not registered in the database.

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