Mission-critical data transmission

Secure, reliable transmission via radio relay

Do you need secure, point-to-point data communications over the air with end-to-end encryption? Take advantage of our long-standing experience and highly specialised expertise in building and operating secure radio-relay networks. We will support you from the planning stage through to commissioning the network and provide a reliable, around-the-clock service.


Permanent monitoring provides the optimum overview

After commissioning, we monitor your radio network around the clock using our Altravis monitoring tool. We analyse the availability of your radio-relay installation and any error messages and provide you with the report including visualisations.

There for you 24/7

Our Operation Control Center is there for you whenever you need it, ensuring that faults are resolved quickly. Our seven parts-supply warehouses are located across Switzerland, so you can rely upon a highly skilled service team and the regional supply of spare parts.

Our customers include


  The emergency services (BORS)

  Energy suppliers

  Industrial companies


  Stock exchanges

  SMEs with high security requirements

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Your expert

Jürg Stäuble

Head of Radio Communications