Push to Talk over Mobile

Group communication over the whole Swisscom mobile network

Swisscom’s mobile network now provides «One-to-Many» group communication throughout Switzerland. Eliminate barriers between devices, networks and locations and let everyone join in the conversation. Take the next important step in digitising your operations and processes.


Your benefits:


  • Managed Services
    Functionality is guaranteed by the network. You do not need your own assets or engineers.
  • Digitisation and collaboration
    Digitisation facilitates process optimisation and better collaboration.
  • Swiss-wide coverage
    Swisscom’s outstanding mobile network is continually expanding.
  • Predictable costs
    Flexible use of Push-to-Talk options.



Expand or replace existing networks with our modular solution. We offer the following options:

Standard package

  • Network setup: design, configuration, commissioning and training
  • Equipment: devices, gateway selection and configuration
  • Subscription: choose the right NATEL® go subscription for you


  • Dispatching
  • Features such as lone worker protection, advanced recording or video streaming
  • Business-critical prioritisation
  • Availability guarantee depending on chosen service level


  • Your expert

    Jürg Stäuble

    Head of Radio Communications


  • Securitas
    Push-to-Talk over Mobile in action at Securitas

    Securitas improves operational flexibility in terms of time and geographical location. Push-to-Talk over Mobile enables the security service to communicate seamlessly in real time via the Swisscom mobile network. The first Push-to-Talk over Mobile devices are already being used successfully in the loan pool.

    Push-to-Talk over Mobile in the Valais Alps

    Zermatt Bergbahnen is replacing its TETRA radio network with a Push-to-Talk over Mobile solution from Swisscom. The entire network setup – from planning to commissioning and including training – comes as a one-stop solution. The customised package includes 252 configured terminals that are easy to operate and can handle any weather.