Production, Livestreaming & Broadcasting

Do you have an entertainment or sporting event you want to broadcast live? Do you want to share action and emotions with your audience? We can advise you on a production concept, help you evaluate your requirements and guide you through the technical implementation. For television, live streaming or live events – we are specialists in video production, broadcasting and video-over-IP solutions. We act as a technical interface to ensure that your event reaches viewers through all channels in order to create a lasting experience.

Our offer includes the following services

Production concepts for broadcast and live events

Host broadcasting services, including a catalogue of requirements, execution of RfPs (requests for proposals), tenders and project management

Overall planning and production management for television and live events

Development of technical ecosystems, broadcast network topologies and IP distribution

Broadcast engineering services (including 5G broadcasting)

Consultation on live-streaming, video over IP, and over-the-top technologies

Technology consulting for video and audio solutions

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