Live Video Streaming

We turn your event into a live virtual experience

Whether you’re holding an online conference, general assembly or staff event, Swisscom Digital Media transforms your physical event into a live digital or hybrid experience. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, you can use live video streaming to captivate your audience – professionally produced, available on all devices worldwide and in the highest quality.

Live Video Streaming from A to Z

Swisscom runs your live event as a video stream for viewers around the world – from planning through to broadcasting to participants’ devices. You receive a holistic service for tailored livestreaming solutions from a single source, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the content of your event. Thanks to decades of experience in broadcasting and video streaming, and the use of state-of-the-art infrastructure, we deliver your message to your target groups in excellent audio and video quality.


Concept, project management


Technology setup





Video and audio production


Video equipment


Audio equipment

Video direction


Live video services


Live video streaming


Live translation and subtitles 

Adaptive download speed


Hosting and video asset management


Hosting in the cloud


Security via access restrictions

Detailed statistics




Global delivery via CDN


Broadcasting on multiple target platforms simultaneously (website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

Join from any device

1. Concept, project management

Planning and support during the entire livestream. Preparations such as technology setup, background design, virtual conference rooms or studios, recording and live direction with multiple cameras.

2. Video and audio production

Professional audio and video equipment, signal capture, video direction, signal processing.

3. Live video services

Transcoding the signal, live translations, integration of remote speakers, subtitling in multiple languages, transcription, superimposed text/images, video clips, etc.

4. Hosting and video asset management

Transmission of the video signal to our secure video platform in the cloud, options for analysis and post-production.

5. Delivery

Rapid, temporary internet connection on site, online broadcasting to different target platforms (all types of devices, company networks, corporate video channels, website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), delivery within the company network without overloading via enterprise content delivery networks (eCDN)

Professional implementation by Swisscom

Complete start-to-finish service

Top quality

Multimedia processing

Professional distribution

Compatible for all

Stability and security

Successful communication using Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming offers many advantages as a virtual alternative to physical events. It reaches your target groups, such as clients, employees, partners or shareholders, in a direct, emotional and informative way, in real time and anywhere in the world. This enables companies and organisations to greatly increase their visibility. Live event streaming is ideal for broadcasting media conferences, general meetings, employee information, PR events or shareholder meetings, as well as for political, sporting or cultural events. Get inspiration from our successful live video streams: