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Whether online or media conference, general meeting, employee event or communication, PR event or cultural event - with live streaming and live webcasting, Swisscom experts bring your event live to the Internet. We transform your physical event into a digital or hybrid live experience. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, we can help you captivate your audience with live video streaming.

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Live webcasts in action

Live video streams offer many advantages as a virtual alternative to physical events:
You can reach your target groups such as customers, employees, partners or shareholders in a direct, emotional and informative way in real time anywhere in the world. Companies and organizations thus increase their visibility enormously. Event Live Streaming is suitable for broadcasting media conferences, general meetings, employee information, PR events or shareholder meetings, but also for political events, sports events or cultural events. Be inspired by our successfully implemented live video streams and webcasts:

Switzerland Connected

RUAG International Virtual Townhall

RUAG International Holding AG is a globally active company in the space technology and military industry with over 6500 employees in 16 different countries...

Switzerland Connected

Switzerland Connected

An experiment that has never been done before this way. Musicians from all over Switzerland met virtually on the 13 January 2021 to sing the song "Denkmal" by BLAY via video chat. They were all separately distributed at different locations. The big challenge here was that in the first step, everyone should be able to sing together synchronously. And in the second step, the jointly sung song was to be

SwissRadioDay 2020

Red Bull Gondeli

The latest Red Bull event in Switzerland was a masterpiece of organisation and network technology: on 15 April 2017, six famous Swiss musicians put on simultaneous performances in six separate gondola cars high above the ground at three different ski areas. We broadcasted the six concerts live on Facebook and various news portals. These included a 360° live stream of

Managed Service from A to Z

Swisscom runs your live event as a video stream for viewers around the world – from planning through to broadcasting to participants’ devices. You receive a holistic service for tailored livestreaming solutions from a single source, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the content of your event. Thanks to decades of experience in broadcasting and video streaming, and the use of state-of-the-art infrastructure, we deliver your message to your target groups in excellent audio and
video quality.


Concept, project management

Technology setup


Video and audio production

Video equipment
  Audio equipment
  Video direction


Live video services

Video equipment
  Audio equipment
  Video direction


Concept, project management

Technology setup



 Global delivery via CDN
   Broadcasting on multiple target platforms simultaneously (website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
   Join from any device
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1. Concept, project management

Planning and support during the entire livestream. Preparations such as technology setup, background design, virtual conference rooms or studios, recording and live direction with multiple cameras.

2. Video and audio production

Professional audio and video equipment, signal capture, video direction, signal processing.

3. Live video services

Transcoding the signal, live translations, integration of remote speakers, subtitling in multiple languages, transcription, superimposed text/images, video clips, etc.

4. Hosting and video asset management

Transmission of the video signal to our secure video platform in the cloud, options for analysis and post-production.

5. Delivery

Rapid, temporary internet connection on site, online broadcasting to different target platforms (all types of devices, company networks, corporate video channels, website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), delivery within the company network without overloading via enterprise content delivery networks (eCDN).

Your possibilities

Highest video

Convince your target group with the best video quality and a branded web portal.


An integrated audio conferencing solution guarantees the highest voice quality and interaction.

Security &

We guarantee the highest security and GDPR compliance.

VPN Bypass

Secure and worry-free deployment thanks to delivery with static IP addresses.

High availability

Guaranteed uninterrupted transmission – worldwide via the internet, on all standard devices.

Full control

Controlled broadcast of content to a closed or open circle of users.

Modular and Interactive

Combine your content with presentation slides, live chats or your own corporate identity.

The webcast workflow

Our solution enables easy planning, configuration and implementation of live webcasts and on-demand webcasts. The offer is available as a Managed Service or as an independent use within our Enterprise Video Platform, depending on the needs of the user and use case.


Webcast creation and video production:

Adjust the design of the webcast portal to suit your preferences/requirements, begin video recording in HD (up to 4K) and in your preferred format.


Live control and best user experience:

  • Synchronization of the presentation slides
  • Interaction using chat and Q&A module
  • Presentation download
  • Multilingual


Playback and distribution:

Viewers can play your webcast on every end device without downloading any additional software. Depending on requirements, distribution is via a public CDN or a company-specific eCDN solution.


After the live stream:

Your live broadcast can immediately be played on demand after the live stream is over. The on demand version can be edited to suit your preferences as desired: for example, slides can be added or deleted, and the timing can be adjusted.

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