Successful IR communication via an optimal live webcasting experience.

Modern companies are in a constant state of transformation and are more global, informed and dynamic than ever before. Excellent investor relations communication is vital in times of rapid change and requires a corresponding commitment. A consistent and transparent exchange of information with investors creates the basis for stable, long-term business relationships and the associated financial robustness.

The advantages of live webcasts

Quarterly reports and annual general meetings are important events that can have a significant impact on a company’s share price. They are usually accompanied by presentations and question and answer sessions. The medium of video offers a double advantage here: on the one hand, it can visualise both qualitative and quantitative data extraordinarily well, and on the other, it can make information accessible to a global audience in a simple and easily understandable way.

Compliance with the latest global GDPR data protection guidelines

Local premium service in Switzerland and secure hosting

High-quality audio and video delivery for all devices

Comprehensive advice on live webcasting strategy

Six steps to success

Professional live webcasting is the basis for successful investor relations communication. As the leading provider in Switzerland, we help you to offer stable, reliable and high-quality IR webcasts – live and on demand.



We bring all our experience to the table to develop a convincing webcast concept together.


Setup and project planning

Based on a proven framework, we ensure that everything is ready for the big day, from logistics and the right camera setup at the venue through to a dedicated internet connection.


Video and audio production

With experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment and the right setup for each location, we can ensure the best possible video and audio experience.


Webcast solution

With our secure, GDPR-compliant webcasting platform, we guarantee high reliability and a flawless user experience.



The medium of video can visualise both qualitative and quantitative data extraordinarily well and make it easily accessible to a global audience. Question and answer functionality, online chat and conference call services allow your target audience to interact in various ways during the live event.


After the event

We make your webcast accessible immediately after the event and offer on-demand hosting services.