Reach your employees regardless of time and place with virtual town halls

Today, more and more companies are relying on town hall meetings for internal communication. Modern webcasting solutions provide larger companies in particular with a cost-effective and convenient way to expand important information events and discussions to a national or global audience without sacrificing quality or interactivity.

The advantages of town hall meetings

Today's working world is increasingly characterised by globalisation and decentralised teams. In such an environment, internal communication becomes a major but also significant challenge. Letting employees worldwide participate or even collaborate on a central vision and strategy, while at the same time strengthening the virtual cooperation of teams, is essential for the success of a company. However, the operational support of corresponding communication measures often reaches its limits with the existing tools and processes.

Reach employees around the world easily, efficiently and cost-effectively

Variable costs depending on the number of participants

Stream professional solution in real time or on demand

Comprehensive advice on live webcasting strategy

What’s a town hall?

The term “town hall” originally comes from the USA, where an “open microphone” at council meetings has long been a traditional means of involving citizens. In the course of digitalisation, such meetings are increasingly being made available online as virtual town halls. At the same time, the success of video and the development of online tools for the direct involvement of employees has made the town hall meeting a popular communication channel for large companies as well in recent years.

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