Explaining complex solutions simply with webinars

Videos make it possible to present even complex content in an easily understandable way and to convey core messages in an appealing and emotional style. It is precisely these characteristics that make online video so valuable for use in product marketing, particularly in the B2B context.

The advantages of webinars

The webinar is a special form of online video that introduces complex products and issues such as software solutions to potential customers. It combines slides, audio and video and offers a range of advantages.

Straightforward cost and time expenditure

Interactivity through surveys, Q&As, etc.

Can be consumed anywhere and with any end device

Available both live and on demand

Three steps for a successful webinar

The decisive factor for the success of the webinar is, of course, how well it uses the different types of communication, so here are a few tips:



Captivating slides, a pleasant voice and professional video quality are basic requirements.



Make sure your webinar has a clear structure and go through the planned sequence in a dress rehearsal.



Following the successful live broadcast, detailed reports provide you with information on the success of the webinar and how many participants you were actually able to reach. This, in turn, forms the basis for communication at later stages of the sales process. At the same time, you can make the recorded webinar available to all those who could not make it to the live event.

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