Virtual Events Platform

Swisscom Virtual Events Platform

Take interaction with your stakeholders
to the next level

Take your video communication to the next level. Swisscom’s Virtual Events Platform enables you to create an inspiring dialogue with employees, customers and investors. Whether it’s a workshop, town hall event or trade fair, our team of experts will help you choose the right solution and provide professional support with the staging of hybrid and virtual events. 

Exploit the diversity of virtual events

Our scalable, cloud-based Virtual Events Platform allows you to conduct fully customised virtual events. Multiple integrated features like break-out rooms and video chat encourage interactivity and collaboration, creating a unique, memorable event experience for your participants. 

Rapid setup

Set up your event quickly with a dedicated registration page and personalised e-mail invitations.

Flexible add-ons

Integrate various third-party tools or even entire websites for a more engaging virtual event design.

Personal communication

Use a wide range of communication media for personal interaction with participants.

Create the virtual event tailored to your requirements.

You don’t want a generic event – you want the event that’s perfect for you. It’s time to stop compromising!

Create unlimited rooms 

With our Virtual Events Platform, you can produce countless virtual event spaces. Simply create the room, customise it to your needs and repeat the process for your next event. 

Integrate your applications in three clicks  

Whiteboards, live stream, games. Whatever your participants need, it’s just a few clicks away. 

Fully customisable branding for your event 

using a logo, colours, font, icons or header image. Customise the entire event to match your corporate design in just a few seconds. 

Remove the elements you don’t need 

Design your event so that your participants only see what interests them.

The closes thing to a physical meeting.

Your participants want virtual events to feel like real events. With our Virtual Events Platform, you come very close to achieving this goal.

Easy integration of video and chat features 

Video and chat features are integrated smoothly into the platform. So simple, your participants will experience an intuitive user experience.

Move participants between rooms

When it’s time to mingle, you can drag and drop participants between rooms. And bring them back to the main stage with just one click.

Create a sense of community with live reactions 

“Feels like Instagram Live”. Actual words we hear from our users. 

Participants can see who is in the room 

This sounds like a small feature. But it gives the feeling of being part of a bigger event, almost like in real life. 

More interaction thanks to social media 

Bring conversations from social media directly to your event by setting up a social wall. Simply hide posts that don’t meet your quality standards.

Full control over your virtual event 

Easily register participants and restrict access as required.

Ensure access for invited guests only 

Switch between free access, password protection or a guest list with a simple click. 

Record personal data securely 

Create a customised registration page to capture personal data. You can even embed the registration in your own website. All data is stored securely on our servers in Switzerland. 

Restrict access to paid content 

Easily assign tags to participants to control which areas of the event they can access. 

Receive detailed analytics on your event 

See how many people are attending and interacting with your event.

Allow others to shape the event with you. 

Let sponsors customise your stand, team members help you or speakers optimise your space. 


Hybrid events

Team event


Investor relations events 


Price models

Unlimited events 
Up to two hours of event time 
Up to 100 participants per month 
Self-service onboarding 
Self-study module 

Per month 

CHF 149.–

For annual payment
CHF 1'788.-

CHF 1'200.–

Unlimited events 
Up to 12 hours of event time 
Up to 300 participants per month 
Standard onboarding 
RTMP live stream 
Video call recordings 
E-mail support 
CHF 240.–/hour live personal support
CHF 400.– per event social wall 
CHF 5.– per additional participant 

Per month 

CHF 899.–

For annual payment
CHF 10'788.-

CHF 7'200.–*

Unlimited events 
Up to five days of event time 
Up to 500 participants per month 
Personalised onboarding 
RTMP live stream 
Dedicated account manager 
Video call recordings 
E-mail support 
CHF 150.–/hour for additional support 
Includes 2 hours of live support per month 
Includes social wall 
CHF 3.– per additional participant 

Per month

CHF 1'950.–

For annual payment
CHF 23'400.-

CHF 16'750.–**

Payment per event 
> 5 days event time 
> 5 days event time 
Customised support 


* One additional package included (additional packages are charged per event)
** Two additional packages included (additional packages are charged per event)


Eine "Registration" bedeutet eine in Zoon registrierte E-Mail-Adresse, welche in der betreffenden Lizenzperiode auf der Plattform einen Buchungsvorgang abgeschlossen hat. Als eine Registration gilt eine An- oder Abmeldung, aber auch eine gelöschte Buchung. Ein Benutzer, der eine entsprechende Event Webseite besucht, ohne den Buchungsprozess abzuschliessen, gilt nicht als "Registration". Die effektive Anzahl Registrationen wird nach dem Event oder abgelaufenem Lizenzjahr festgestellt.

Die Mindestlaufzeit beim Abschluss einer Jahreslizenz beträgt 12 Monate. 

Uns ist wichtig, dass Sie ab dem ersten Tag das volle Potential von Zoon nutzen können. Darum unterstützen wir Sie initial mit der Einführung und Konfiguration der Plattform. Die einmaligen Einrichtungskosten variieren je nach gewähltem Abomodell. Kontaktieren Sie uns für genauere Details.

Ihr An­sprech­­partner

Ihr Ansprechpartner: Marc Blindenbacher
  • Professional studio in zurich 
  • Incl. rooms for make-up and green room etc. 
  • Space for up to four speakers 
  • Multi-camera setup 
  • Live streaming incl. remote interpreter 
  • Professional audio and video technology 
  • Integration of remote speakers 
  • 4 hours usage included (L subscription plan)* 
  • 2 hours usage included (M subscription plan)* 

    *upon availability 
  • Support in local language 
  • Automated monthly SLA and quantity reporting 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Dedicated support engineer 
  • Close exchange with client marketing and communications dept. 
  • Incl. yearly performance assessment 
  • 16 hours professional services included 
  • 1x Encoder per month for free 
  • Video consultancy package 
  • Extensive combined video streaming and production know-how 

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