Email & SMS campaigns

Integrated email campaigns and SMS messages with flexible design options.

Email & SMS Kampagnen

Communicate with your target group along the event experience chain.

Flexible operation via drag & drop

Recipient groups according to guest status

Simple branding integration


Import contacts

Import the data of your audience with Excel or from existing user profiles. Flexibly define the necessary personal information of your recipients.

Import contacts from Excel or user profiles
Accessing stored profile data
Nurture recipients and recipients in audiences
Kontakte importieren


Design campaign

Design campaigns in your look and feel with flexible design options. Integrate call-to-actions via drag & drop and activate personal event URLs for personal communication with your target group. Schedule campaigns automatically along the event experience chain.

Make emails and SMS flexible
Select automated recipient groups 
Schedule campaigns automatically
Kampagne entwerfen


Evaluate campaigns

Analyse the success of your campaigns with open and conversion rates. Improve your communication through evaluations along the event experience chain.

Measure opening rates
Evaluate the conversion of your guests from invitation to participation
Determine the effectiveness of your event campaigns  
Kampagnen auswerten

Functional Overview Email & SMS Campaigns


Automated recipient groups

Flexible design

Personal URL

Individual sender addresses


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