Event Community

Connect internal and external event participants via your own community platform.

Event Community Portal

The central event hub for your community

Community portal in own branding

User generated events

For internal and external target groups


Configure Community Portal

Configure your own community portal according to the needs of your organisation. Organise events according to flexible categories and create news and information for your community.

Store your own branding
Define categories
Create news and info content
Community Portal konfigurieren


Create flexible events and offers

Offer a wide range of events via your own event community portal. From internal training, a joint employee event to a webinar series for your customers. Use the possibilities of "user generated events" to activate your community.

Let users create events
Restrict events according to target groups
Networking event participants for experiences
Flexible Events und Angebote erstellen


Manage and evaluate community

Keep control of your community and manage access according to your specifications. Analyse the activities and create flexible reports.

Stay in control at all times
Be able to measure success
Carry out detailed evaluations
Community verwalten und auswerten

Function overview Event Community

Community portal in own branding

Integrated event websites


Subevents & sessions

Community features

Online payments

Waiting lists

Online events

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