Visio LAN

Enhanced visitor experience on site

Stream your main stage live at your venue!

Let your participants enjoy every second of the show in real time, wherever they are at the venue. We take care of every aspect, so you don't have to invest a minute in hardware and software issues. Our services include installation, operation, dismantling and bring outstanding HD quality to your venue. Enjoy your event with more viewing options and a larger number of attendees!

Your challenges

Missing know-how

If you run the event on your own, you lack the experience and know-how to give your guests the best experience.

Attendees engagement

Participants are increasingly wanting to be able to follow the event wherever they are in the event area.

Technical complexity

Technical difficulties are part of every event. Without years of experience you lose valuable time in critical situations.


Sponsors want to see their investment in action. To ensure this, the event must be viewable everywhere at the venue.

Multiple stakeholders

Running the event yourself also means working with many different stakeholders like networks, vendors etc.

You benefit from

Live content distribution on-site

Distribution to any screen

Event and integration experience

Life cycle management

Attendee experience

Easy installation and operation

Transparent pay per Use service

A single point of contact

Integration of additional services

Additional options

Guest management application

Event network

Video surveillance

Social Network Distribution

Mobile devices and

Wireless coverage

A/V production