Winconcept is a marketing and communications company that is aimed at owner-managed pharmacies and drugstores. The more than 150 pharmacy partners are located throughout Switzerland. Winconcept offers a wide range of services to support pharmacies in their day-to-day business, allowing them to offer the best care to clients. Winconcept is owned by Galenica, an internationally active Swiss pharmaceutical and logistics company group.

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With "pic and collect", Winconcept offers its pharmacies the opportunity to communicate with their customers in an uncomplicated way: they can now place orders quite simply by means of photos via WhatsApp. For the pharmacies, the solution should be usable with as little effort as possible and without IT knowledge. In practice, this means that they receive an already configured and ready-to-use tablet, with a complete Swisscom mobile contract and installed apps, and if something happens to go south, Swisscom also provides technical support from hardware repairs to software related issues.


We are very pleased to have shown the potential of joint internal collaborations: at the beginning of 2021, Winconcept contacted their account manager at Swisscom (Switzerland) looking for a solution to implement this idea. It soon became clear that the required services could be obtained by involving Swisscom Broadcast AG, resulting in a perfect synergy that in the end empowered Winconcept to turn its idea into reality.


The services complement each other perfectly and the customer has a single point of contact for any concerns - whether it is a request for a change in the equipment configuration or a repair case. Exactly the way they wanted it to be.


"I think this is really a win-win project for all parties."

Katrin Brunner
CEO Winconcept AG

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