RUAG International Holding AG is a globally active company in the space technology and military industry with over 6500 employees in 16 different countries.


At the beginning of 2021, RUAG International announced a change in its strategy: the company is completely detaching itself from the defence business and concentrating all its capabilities on the thriving space technology industry and the manufacture of aircraft components. Communicating a strategy change of this size clearly to all employees is not easy, especially in a company this size.

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Swisscom Event & Media Solutions was commissioned to take on the technical general management of RUAG International's first Virtual Town Hall. Specifically, we advised and supported the customer from the Internet connection to the AV technology and streaming to the catering.


"Even a virtual event needs good lighting, a stage set and also dramaturgy," J├╝rgen Lochbrunner reports. Having worked in the international event industry for over 30 years, he is our specialist for multidisciplinary projects like this one. A special aspect for him in this project was to control one of the four simultaneous translations via a remote connection, as one translator was unable to enter Switzerland in time due to pandemic restrictions.


In the end, everything worked as planned. "We got very good feedback. That is of course the biggest thing, that's what you work towards," says the expert event manager.


"Thanks to Swisscom's support, we were able to bring RUAG's new strategy closer to our employees in an efficient and entertaining way."

Anne-Kristin Koch
VP Corporate Communications

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