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Sonova is a leading provider of innovative hearing solutions. For Sonova’s management, it is important to maintain regular contact with over 14,000 employees around the globe, as easily and efficiently as possible. The company uses such tools as the live video platform Microsoft Teams and Hive Streaming for intelligent distribution of content within its company network. Sonova uses Swisscom’s managed services for its live streaming needs to ensure the quality and reliability of its broadcasts.

The challenge

Keeping a huge number of employees in over 100 countries regularly updated on the company’s goals and strategies is no easy task for internal communications. For Sonova, it is important that «information is not just something that employees receive; it should also enable them to understand and identify with Sonova,» explains Daniela Heiniger, the company’s Communications Manager. The medium of video is ideal for achieving this goal, as it creates a sense of closeness, authenticity and support. But which technology platform is best suited to this goal? And which partner can offer the most efficient solution for carrying out live broadcasts of town hall meetings, for example?

The solution

Sonova asked itself these questions and found answers in the form of Swisscom, Microsoft and Hive Streaming. «Microsoft Teams is already a well-established tool within our company, and is used to foster communication and collaboration,» explains Stephan Jola, Senior Content and Collaboration Specialist. So MS Teams Live Events was the logical choice for the distribution of live videos within the company, no matter where they were recorded, or on what equipment.

However, when live videos are viewed by thousands of employees within a company network at the same time, this can exceed the capacity of the available bandwidth, which can compromise the quality and reliability of the video stream and even peripheral systems. This risk was eliminated by integrating a peer-based enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solution from Hive Streaming, which uses a smart system to ease the strain on bandwidth. Hive Streaming also creates extra added value by offering analysis tools to monitor video usage and network capacity.

As a local partner of Hive Streaming, Swisscom provided support for the integration of the eCDN solution and also works with Sonova employees to handle operational management of some live events, including audio and video production and direction within the Microsoft Teams platform.

The result

«Swisscom’s experience, flexibility and geographic proximity enabled us to carry out our first worldwide streaming event in a very short time.»

Stephan Jola
Senior Content und Collaboration Specialist, Sonova AG

Thanks to Swisscom’s support, Sonova can now make efficient use of existing tools – in this case, Microsoft 365 – while the smart eCDN solution from Hive Streaming also prevents spikes in the company network when it streams HD video. This has paved the way for further live events, which Sonova will use to further improve the way it informs employees worldwide about current developments and strategic decisions.

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