An experiment that has never been done before this way. Musicians from all over Switzerland met virtually on the 13 January 2021 to sing the song "Denkmal" by BLAY via video chat. They were all separately distributed at different locations ( Bellinzona, Montreux, Klosters, Zurich, Bern and Volketswil ). The big challenge here was that in the first step, everyone should be able to sing together synchronously. And in the second step, the jointly sung song was to be broadcast synchronously again from the venues in the studio in Volketswil despite different latencies. "If the Ticinese are one bar faster than the Zurichers, you can hear that," Bligg emphasised shortly before the performance.


The goal was to find out how real live experiences and shared moments could be transformed into an unforgettable livestream despite the physical distance trough the network of Switzerland. In this way we created an experience filled with music and emotions that could be experienced digitally.


«For an ordinary event we need everything only "once", but here we had six events that not only took place at the same time, but also synchronised.»

Jürgen Lochbrunner
General Project Manager Events

Swisscom Broadcast Media & Events was responsible for the overall technical management of this project. In addition, our team provided the temporary connectivity at the locations, took care of the event management and was in charge for a live stream that met the highest standards.


"This project was crazy and challenging, but also very inspiring," Jürgen Lochbrunner reported. Around 1.2 tons of technical equipment were used, per location! 80 technicians, including video technicians, camera operators, image technicians, lighting technicians, network technicians, streaming specialists, logisticians and project managers had to be coordinated almost as precisely as the actual live event. Thanks to our many years of experience, we succeeded in doing just that. "Switzerland Connected" - Mission completed!

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