Risk mitigation, crime prevention and resolution 

Detect and analyse physical threats to your bank with our full service solution. Take advantage of our Video Full Managed Service with data storage in Swisscom’s Switzerland-based data centres. 

Intelligent video security – keeping your bank safe 

Banks have to be secure. Thick walls and state-of-the-art technologies help give both customers and employees an indispensable sense of physical and psychological safety and security. Our Cloud Act-compliant video security solutions, provided as a service from the cloud, are vital to improving physical security. 

With our Video Full Managed Service, surveillance and monitoring are also included. We take care of everything, including the infrastructure, on-site planning and installation, IT security and operation of the solution. 

Our intelligent AI-based video systems reliably support you in detecting and investigating criminal incidents, whether involving the ATMs in the bank’s main hall or around the perimeter. Movement patterns, foot traffic patterns and dwell time information deliver valuable insights into customer behaviour in the bank and provide a good basis for optimisation measures. Data protection compliance is guaranteed at all times, including when securely transmitting images to the criminal authorities, which is done extremely efficiently via link access to our cloud. 

In addition to providing continuous security updates for the cameras, we also guarantee comprehensive data security. All video data is stored in Swisscom’s own data centre in compliance with the Cloud Act. You decide how long the video recordings are to be kept. 

If required, we can also install the video security solution on your premises and operate it as a managed service. 

Video surveillance as a full managed service 

Cloud Act compliant

The bank’s video data is stored in the Swisscom Cloud with data storage in Switzerland. 

Data protection compliance 

We guarantee compliance with all data protection regulations. 


No sensitive data on the premises. Data transmission is encrypted. 

Authorised data access 

Role-specific users and the recording of every access in a log file. 

Lifecycle management included 

In the service model, HW and SW are always up to date: You enjoy hassle-free investment protection.

Why Swisscom Broadcast

Data storage in Switzerland 

Your video data is secure in our data centres. We operate seven high-availability data centres that meet high security standards. Your data is stored georedundantly and exclusively in Switzerland. 

Your general contractor for security 

We have many years of experience in video surveillance, access and intrusion control and with fire and evacuation solutions. 

24/7 security 

All of our employees are DDPS checked, including the network experts who monitor the services around the clock. With a Switzerland-wide organisation, we are able to intervene swiftly on site. 

Reference Basler Kantonalbank

David Hermann, physical security specialist at BKB and Bank CLER, relies on our Video Security as a Service. Find out why the Cloud-Act compliant all-round carefree package fully convinces him.

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