Video technology for security and happy citizens

The sense of well-being in a community depends very much on how secure people feel in the town in which they live. Video surveillance systems as a full service solution can enhance and guarantee security in public spaces. 

Making public spaces safe and accessible to all  

Local councils have a lot of responsibilities, but ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in public spaces throughout Switzerland comes high on that list. Noise pollution, litter, dark underpasses: the use of video security solutions at critical locations in public spaces has proven both efficient and effective, both in preventing crime,  through the use of automated loudspeaker announcements, for example, and in any necessary investigations. The video security solution, which is provided as a full service solution from the cloud, is vital for helping to maintain law and order in public spaces. 

With our video security services, you can monitor underpasses, school grounds, sports facilities and waste disposal centres that are particularly susceptible to littering and vandalism 24/7. The intelligent video systems can interact with an alarm system, enabling targeted monitoring. You can access the camera data any time from anywhere, and directly process alarms in real time. 

Take advantage of monitoring with the full service solution, which you can also obtain without any investment via the rental model. We take care of everything, including the infrastructure, on-site planning and installation, IT security and operation of the solution. You decide how long we store the data for you and in what image quality. We will of course be happy to provide expert, comprehensive advice on all of this. 

Video surveillance in public spaces 

Recycling point monitoring 

Protect against illegal waste disposal and ensure compliance with officially approved disposal times.

Less vandalism 

Video surveillance is helping to measurably reduce graffiti and littering in less populated areas. 

Traffic counting/vehicle access control 

License plate recognition simplifies vehicle access authorisations and payment processes. 

Successful investigations  

Image data can be used to support the police in compliance with data protection laws. 

Video security as a full managed service 

Alarm management 

Forwarding to alarm centre: mobile notifications and/or loudspeaker alarm 

Data protection compliance 

We guarantee compliance with all data protection regulations. 


No sensitive data on the premises. Data transmission is encrypted. 

Authorised data access 

Role-specific users and the recording of every access in a log file. 

A full service solution 

In the service model, cameras and software are always up to date.

« The arguments in favour of Swisscom Broadcast convinced me. We rent the system – 24h support and camera updates are guaranteed with this solution. Swisscom Broadcast becomes active when a camera fails. This is a significant difference compared to our previous solution.»

René Geiger, Technical Property Management, Municipality of Volketswil 

Why Swisscom Broadcast

Data storage in Switzerland 

Your video data is secure in our data centres. Swisscom operates 7 high-availability, high-security data centres. Your data is stored georedundantly and exclusively in Switzerland. 

Security contracting 

We have many years of experience in video surveillance, access and intrusion control and with fire and evacuation solutions. 

24/7 security 

All of our employees are DDPS checked, including the network experts who monitor the services around the clock. With a Switzerland-wide organisation, we are able to intervene swiftly on site. 

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