Swisscom Broadcast’s customised solutions make daily operations safer, more efficient and thus more successful for its customers. Find out more about our diverse products in our reference cases.


Broadcasting round the clock for SRG

Swisscom Broadcast is responsible for broadcasting all of the terrestrial radio programmes of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG. This requires the 24/7 management and operation of a radio infrastructure with 800 FM stations, 200 DAB+ stations and 260 directional radio links.

Logo Swiss Media Cast
DAB+ expansion for Germanspeaking Switzerland

For SwissMediaCast AG (SMC), we plan, build and run DAB+ multiplexes in German-speaking Switzerland, currently with more than 50 radio programmes.

Logo Romandie Médias AG
DAB+ reception in French-speaking Switzerland

For RMSA, we plan, build and run a DAB+ network, providing coverage for Western Switzerland. This primarily concerns private radio stations with more than 15 DAB+ programmes currently on air.

Radio communication

  • Logo Lenk Bergbahnen
    DMR in the ski area

    The Lenk Bergbahnen Cooperative has opted for a digital professional radio network from Swisscom Broadcast. The communication solution is flexibly built on DMR Tier II technology. The system is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized networks for group calls, individual calls and data applications.

    Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft
    Reliable POLYCOM networks

    Swisscom Broadcast ensures that the police, army, fire and emergency services enjoy uninterrupted communication. We are leaders in the construction, operation and maintenance of POLYCOM networks. We are also the POLYCOM network maintenance partner for the Swiss Border Guard (SBG) and twelve cantons.

    Logo Rega
    Communication system in action for the rescue services

    We are Rega’s maintenance and servicing partner and have been a main contractor in the programme to update the entire radio system. This ensures the life savers of the skies enjoy a cuttingedge, reliable communication system with 42 permanent stations and central servers.

  • Logo GroupeE
    More efficient operational processes with DMR radio technology

    To provide operational support and safety systems for the energy company Groupe E, we installed a complete DMR radio system including 22 base stations, 161 handheld receivers, 4 desktop stations and 6 operator consoles.

    Logo Patrouille des Glaciers
    Greater athlete security provided by temporary radio system

    In 2018, the world’s toughest military ski mountaineering competition again benefited from a reliable DMR radio network. We built and ran the entire system used to coordinate and manage all service providers, deploying 14 base stations at 7 sites and 190 handheld receivers.

  • “The video security solution from Swisscom Broadcast meets our every requirement. Our branches now have a uniform, future-proof video surveillance system, centrally managed and easy to use. Thanks to a video technology and IT infrastructure advisor and Swisscom Broadcast’s flexibility, the system was implemented quickly, smoothly and professionally.”

    Gian-Paolo Monti, Head of Security at Denner

  • «I would take exactly the same approach to the project again today. Swisscom Broadcast’s rigorous preparatory work and professional implementation have been truly outstanding. We now have a unified, compatible and user-friendly system.»

    Kurt Guntli, Head of Electrical Engineering, Zermatt Bergbahnen

  • «We value Swisscom Broadcast’s broad specialist knowledge. In addition to video experts, they also have network and system experts. In the event of a problem, we know we can rely on rapid response times.»

    Jérôme Infanger, Surveillance Manager, Grand Casino Luzern

  • «We decided on a solution from an experienced radio specialist: Swisscom Broadcast's offer meets our needs in every respect; it offered a one stop solution for all services and represented excellent value for money.»

    Ernst Zahler, Lenk Bergbahnen
    Technical Manager and Plant Electrician

  • «We opted for Swisscom Broadcast because they’re a one-stop shop and they were giving us good value for our money.»

    Urban Wollschlegel, responsible for operation of the POLYCOM subnetwork at the Solothurn Cantonal Police

  • «If stadium visitors act reprehensibly our high-definition Panomera® cameras help us to identify them. Thanks to its outstanding quality the image material evaluated by the police is also admissible in court as evidence.»

    Beni Blättler, Security Officer FC Lucerne

  • «The arguments in favour of Swisscom Broadcast convinced me. We rent the system – 24h support and camera updates are guaranteed with this solution. Swisscom Broadcast becomes active when a camera fails. This is a significant difference compared to our previous solution.»


    René Geiger, Technical Property Management, Municipality of Volketswil


Logo Gib Solutions AG
GIB Solutions Ltd uses TV-as-a-Service 2.0

The cable network operator GIB Solutions has opted for Swisscom Broadcast’s comprehensive hybrid package TV-as-a-Service 2.0 (TVaaS), allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of the company’s proprietary cable TV service combined with the advantages of IPTV. Users receive a multitude of channels in the best available quality through their settop box and benefit from an array of different features.

Logo Swisscom
Signal distribution for Swisscom TV

At our headend, we receive satellite, terrestrial and direct TV signals from studios around the world. We then transmit these to our locations with a high level of availability. We distribute the signals from more than 600 channels for Swisscom TV, the most successful digital TV service in Switzerland.

Video surveillance

  • Logo Kantonspolizei Zürich
    Denner counts on Swisscom Broadcast

    Swisscom Broadcast installed a modern, centrally managed video system at all critical retail sites. Its ease of operation provides optimal support to Denner’s daily work. The open system architecture and smart functions ensure that this solution will also meet the retailer’s future requirements.

    Zermatt Bergbahnen
    A state-of-the-art video surveillance solution for Zermatt Bergbahnen

    200 kilometres of pistes – 34 transportation systems: Zermatt Bergbahnen AG deploys a unified video surveillance solution from Swisscom Broadcast throughout the ski resort. This allows the company to guarantee the smooth operation of its cable cars and the efficient monitoring of the flow of material and people. The complex mountain installation was completed in stages to prevent disruption to operations. The efficient, future-proof system comprises over 200 cameras.

    Logo Grand Casino Luzern
    The Grand Casino Lucerne puts its faith in Swisscom Broadcast

    The Grand Casino Lucerne can fulfil its statutory security requirements thanks to a customised video surveillance solution from Swisscom. Even in poor lighting conditions, modern video cameras provide high fidelity images. The recordings are archived and can be handed over to the responsible authorities in the event of any investigation.

  • Logo Kantonspolizei Zürich
    An integrated video surveillance solution for Zurich Cantonal Police

    Swisscom Broadcast has set up a new video surveillance system for the Zurich Cantonal Police. After careful planning, the system was integrated into the existing IT environment during ongoing operations. Integrated motorway cameras, 11 dedicated locations with role-specific user management and mobile device recording for temporary applications are just some of the features of the new video surveillance system.

    Logo Fribourg-Gottéron
    Fribourg-Gottéron starts its hockey season with a new video surveillance solution

    The project involved the installation of over 30 CCTV cameras at the renovated St. Leonhard ice rink. The first step was to equip the interior of the new BCF Arena. The video surveillance solution offers protection for fans and players and helps to prevent vandalism.


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    Logo Schweizer Eidgenossenschaft
    Video surveillance solution for the Allmend Tunnel construction site

    The Allmend Tunnel near Thun on the A6 motorway is undergoing extensive renovation. To maximise safety on the construction site, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) opted for a video surveillance solution from Swisscom Broadcast. The integrated mobile solution was able to accommodate all the conditions on site with minimal financial outlay.


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  • Enhanced security for stadium operators, players and fans

    More than 60 sports stadiums across the world use the Panomera® multifocal sensor system from Dallmeier. Swisscom Broadcast is Dallmeier’s sales and integration partner in Switzerland and installed the unique Panomera® system at the Letzigrund stadium, the Hallenstadion Zurich and the Swissporarena Lucerne. Panomera® was designed to provide comprehensive video surveillance for large areas and offers outstanding picture quality.

    Ville de Carouge
    The municipality of Carouge enhances public safety

    Swisscom Broadcast implements complete video surveillance solutions for the municipality of Carouge to improve public safety. The latest video technology allows major traffic routes, public areas and nightlife districts to be monitored reliably and efficiently.


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    Logo Mittim
    Vandalism protection for residential and commercial building miTTim

    Swisscom Broadcast offered the provider a video surveillance solution they could operate, maintain and update independently. The solution offers protection against vandalism and support in investigating offences. The police can be granted access to the video data as required.


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  • Logo Reiden
    Protection for church buildings


    Even church buildings and cemeteries can fall victim to damage, vandalism and theft. A Swisscom video surveillance solution provides enhanced security for church grounds and helps to prevent illegal activity. If unauthorised persons continue to loiter in the area, an announcement made over the loudspeaker will instruct them to leave.


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    Logo Bohnenblust
    An urban bakery analyses customer behaviour

    Swisscom Broadcast implemented a specially designed video surveillance system for a bakery in Bern. Video Insider for business and security helps to prevent break-ins and theft and allows companies to analyse customer behaviour, as well as collect business-relevant data, such as the number of customers, their age, gender and the time spent in the shop.

    Logo Stadion Letzigrund
    Smart video surveillance for stadium events

    Swisscom Broadcast markets Dallmeier's innovative Panomera multifocal sensor system, which also ensures security at Letzigrund stadium.

  • Logo Stadion Letzigrund
    Volketswil increases public safety

    Swisscom Broadcast implements a complete video security solution for the municipality of Volketswil to increase public safety. Modern video technology can be used to monitor various public locations in the municipality. The video security solution ensures prevention and simplifies the search in case of need.

Push to Talk over Mobile

Push-to-Talk over Mobile in action at Securitas

Securitas improves operational flexibility in terms of time and geographical location. Push-to-Talk over Mobile enables the security service to communicate seamlessly in real time via the Swisscom mobile network. The first Push-to-Talk over Mobile devices are already being used successfully in the loan pool.

Push-to-Talk over Mobile in the Valais Alps

Zermatt Bergbahnen is replacing its TETRA radio network with a Push-to-Talk over Mobile solution from Swisscom. The entire network setup – from planning to commissioning and including training – comes as a one-stop solution. The customised package includes 252 configured terminals that are easy to operate and can handle any weather.