friend and foe  

Drones are being used for increasingly diverse applications. While they provide a useful service, they also pose a threat. We help businesses and public authorities develop more secure and efficient secure drone applications.






Drones are taking over the lower airspace 

Drones fly quickly from place to place, delivering aerial shots. They can be used to monitor, optimise and maintain land and infrastructure, and for transporting, taking measurements, searching, sampling, etc. – the possibilities are endless. The flying robots are therefore an interesting proposition for a great many sectors.  By developing a wide range of applications, we have gained relevant expertise in drone technology, regulation and implementation, which we would love to share with you. 

Drone protection

How can you protect your infrastructure or major events from drone threats? Our drone detection and identification solution will inform you of any encroachment of the space above your property or event location. 

Permanent protection 

Temporary monitoring 

Drone operations 

Leverage the speed and agility of drones for perimeter and infrastructure protection. Our drone network supports you with the efficient implementation of specific projects and gives you a clear picture of your infrastructure from different perspectives.

Perimeter protection 

Infrastructure inspection 

Drone traffic management

Drones for every application

Efficient position detection 

The drone and detection network gives you a rapid overview of any situation anywhere.

Fast setup & dismantling 

We use existing Swisscom transmitter masts to set up a temporary detection infrastructure.

24/7 support across Switzerland 

With a nationwide drone network, our experts can provide prompt support.

Data storage in Switzerland  

The artificial intelligence runs in our own Swiss data centres.

Smart solutions  

As a digital security expert with many years of image analysis expertise, we offer you comprehensive protection.

Why Swisscom Broadcast 

Best network  

Swisscom’s network enables the development of stable, secure and autonomous drone applications. Drones can be controlled without visual contact and can exchange real-time data with your corporate network.  


We have many years’ experience in networking topics and data-based solutions 

Involvement in U-space 

Together with other partners, Swisscom is part of the U-space initiative initiated by FOCA to ensure drones are safely integrated into the airspace. 

Your contact person

Philipp Eder

Philipp Eder

Head of Drones & Robots

Tel. +41 58 223 34 80

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