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Telehousing – Co-use of antenna masts and buildings

Our transmitter is your transmitter

Thanks to telehousing services, you can share hundreds of antenna masts and buildings. There’s no better way to get your content out there.


Swisscom Broadcast has more than 450 transmission sites throughout Switzerland available for you to use. Every site is perfectly located for crystal-clear transmission and features buildings and masts that you can share with us to set up your own equipment.

The on-site infrastructure is continually updated and, depending on the location, includes air conditioning, an uninterrupted power supply, access authorisation and alarm systems. With telehousing services, you can get your equipment up and running in no time, without having to invest in your own infrastructure.

Planning success

Our experienced team will analyse your requirements and can assist you with all aspects of your project, from the planning and submission to OFCOM (Swiss Federal Office of Communications) through to the NIR calculation, acquisition of building permits and commissioning. We’ve got everything covered, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Transmitter sites

We have more than 450 transmitter sites. Discover the canton, location, coordinates and mast height of the individual antennas here.

Transmitter sites at a glance


Lease a metre of mast

If you would like to take advantage of our telehousing services, please share your needs with these forms:

Registering to use a transmitter site NIR request

Access application

Supervised access to Swisscom Broadcast’s facilities enables you to carry out maintenance work directly on your facilities and fix any problems. This form is not required for sites that can be accessed using a TRACkey (electronic key), as they do not require supervision.

Access application form


Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at one of our transmitter sites. You can join a tour or hire a meeting room a hundred metre above the ground.

Transmitter sites
up close and personal

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Urs Zürcher
Account Manager German-speaking Switzerland
+41 58 223 25 09


Adrian Aebersold
Account Manager western Switzerland and Ticino

+41 58 221 48 89


Our Customer Care Centre (CCC) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you need to report a fault, enquire about access or orders, or have any other questions:  0800 817 620.

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