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Video Insider

Making the invisible visible

Swiss premiere: video intelligence for security and business

In the retail sector video surveillance enhances security for customers, employees and store owners. Video analysis helps to uncover hidden business potential and is successfully deployed in marketing to survey customer frequency, measure linger time and identify customer profiles. As the first Swiss provider to do so, Swisscom Broadcast combines video intelligence for security and business on a single platform: its Video Insider product offers video surveillance and analysis as a flexible service – always state-of-the-art, highly secure and highly available.

All events can be analysed by intelligent software and delivered at the push of a button.

Video Insider for security

Security intelligence helps you prevent and solve cases of burglary, assault, theft and other offences. In the event of a break-in, the service can send an alarm message or signal. Recordings are protected for a chosen period of time and securely stored in the Swisscom Cloud in Switzerland.

Video Insider for business

Business intelligence analyses business-relevant KPIs on the basis of video data and other sources. In particular, the service can count visitors, class them according to gender and age and measure how long they linger in the store. You thus gain important information about your customers and their behaviour and can improve the efficiency of your core business.

Modular and customised

Video Insider’s application spectrum is as diverse as your needs. Select the basic product and add options. You decide the information you want along with the delivery quality and duration. We design the optimum solution with you.

Full control over costs and security

You can easily hire the infrastructure with cameras and software, giving you full cost control. Swisscom Broadcast takes care of hardware/software installation, maintenance, support and updates. Priority is placed on data security and privacy: all data are stored in the Swisscom Cloud in Switzerland.

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