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  • Welcome to the Enterprise Cloud for SAP Solutions

Welcome to the Enterprise Cloud for SAP Solutions

Swisscom's Enterprise Cloud for SAP Solutions is your one-stop-solution for modern and flexible operation of SAP and SAP-related workloads.
From a simple server to large HANA solutions - the Enterprise Cloud for SAP Solutions (or short: EC4SAP) provides infrastructure resources and relevant services with a pay-what-you-use model. We have given high attention to supporting many everyday details of SAP operation with simple actions - to ensure a maximum "SAP readiness". Actions like stretched solutions over two data centers, enhanced backup operations are already "built-in" and ready to use.
This documentation page contains all necessary information around the EC4SAP. And to give an overview, it includes two perspectives:

User Perspective: User Guide - How To

The User Guide will give you step-by-step guidance how to execute tasks within the EC4SAP. Tuned towards ease of use, there is only the necessary minimum of detail about any technical background of actions taken in the EC4SAP Self Service Portal.

Architect & Administrator Perspective: Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation contains insights into architectural and technical details of the EC4SAP. Here you find useful background information to help understand the overall architecture of the EC4SAP with its general architecture and also specific information for more complex topics.

Enjoy browsing!

We believe that this documentation will be a good companion during your experience with the EC4SAP from Swisscom.