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Security Awareness Training demo

Cyber criminals try to obtain business-relevant data or passwords using phishing attacks and social engineering. Alongside technical protection measures, companies should include employee awareness in their IT security strategy to prepare more effectively.

Security Awareness Training equips your employees with a lasting understanding of how to deal safely with e-mail, the Internet and IT. It enables them to expand their knowledge and practise what they learn with quizzes, tests or phishing simulations. You can choose from a range of IT security topics and tailor each training session to the needs of your company.

This demo gives you a brief insight into an online training session on phishing. The 5-minute training session contains :

  • A short how-to video about phishing
  • Tips on how to protect against phishing
  • Quiz: Can you spot the phishing scam?
  • Number of pages: none
  • Recommended for: Business managers / IT specialists
  • Published: 16 February 2024

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