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Security: Report on the threat situation in Switzerland in 2017

Cyber Security 2017

Data breaches & bug bounties

New technologies and the internet: In the past two decades, previously unthinkable opportunities have arisen which have changed our lives for ever and will continue to do so. The connected world also brings with it threats and dangers. Internet security has become a critical factor.

The causes of many cyber threats are of a technical nature. However, effective countermeasures are not only to be found using technical approaches. Understanding the effects of and relationships between cyber threats is an important basis for increasing security. In the Security Report 2017, we take a look at current cyber threats (Threat Radar), for example weaknesses in software and data breaches, and their effect on Switzerland.

You will also find answers to questions such as:

  • What is Swisscom’s Bug Bounty Program?
  • What risks and effects do data breaches have on society and business?
  • What is Swisscom doing to prevent cyber attacks?

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