Microsoft (Cloud) licensing: CSP news and Power Platform tips and tricks


What you can expect

  • Learn licensing details on Microsoft Power Platform
  • Hear the latest news about Microsoft 365 global price increase from March 1st 2022
  • Get insights into news from Microsoft "New Commerce Experience" and what this means for Swisscom Cloud Solution Provider customers

Live on

12th January

11:00 Uhr

Do you like Microsoft Power Platform and consider using it more extensively on your Microsoft Cloud platform? Did you hear about the price increase for Microsoft 365 and want to learn more? Are you a Swisscom CSP customer and thus affected by the introduction of the Microsoft "new commerce model"?

« Microsoft (Cloud) licensing is not always straight-forward. Knowing the tips&tricks helps you save money as customer. »

In this webinar…

We'll cover different aspects of Power Platform licensing do's and don'ts that aim to help you use the optimal licensing model for your Power Platform implementation plans. In addition, we will give an overview on the New Commerce Experience model that Microsoft is introducing in 2022 affecting all Swisscom CSP customers.

  • "The Microsoft Power Platform applications & tools uses different licensing metrics and have their own rules. We will make you a Licensing Power Platform Champ and show you what matters when it comes to Power Platform licensing."

    Sead Kadic

    Senior Product Manager Microsoft LSP, Swisscom

  • «We fully support our customers on their individual journey into the (Microsoft) cloud»

    Andreas Schmid

    Principal Product Manager


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