• How is COVID-19 impacting digital transformation?

COVID-19 has impacted digital transformation in different ways.

IMD Professor Michael Wade presented thoughts and analysis on the opportunities and threats of COVID-19 with respect to digital transformation. Swisscom also presented some use cases on how organisations have managed to overcome some challenges in this extraordinary situation.


At some point, the threat of COVID-19 will fade and things will return back to normal. But will this ‘new’ normal be same as the ‘old’ one? Most evidence suggests that the virus will lead to fundamental shifts in how people, businesses, and societies operate. In this session, we will explore the answers to a few critical questions. How can you prepare your organisation for the post-COVID-19 reality? And, what role will digital transformation play in this transition? There will be clear winners and losers in the post-COVID-19 world. This session is designed to providing some insights into how your organisation can emerge on the winning side.

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  • Expert

    "COVID-19 will end, that is for sure, but we won’t go back to the old normal. Individuals, organizations, and society need to be prepared for a ‘new normal’, and digital is going to play a huge role in that."

    Michael Wade

    Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD

  • Moderator, Expert

    "Digital Transformation is more than technology, organizations will need agility and foster digital innovation more than ever to overcome such a crisis."

    Yannick Hauser

    Digital Transformation Advisor, Swisscom B2B

  • Expert

    "Covid-19 has fast-forwarded us through Digital Transformation. The digital channels have never been more essential to keep the business running with remote customers and partners."

    Jean-Luc Jaquier

    Associate Partner, Open Web Technology

  • Expert

    "Especially difficult times like the current crisis show us, how trust is a fundamentally important cornerstone for digitalization."

    Bruno Zürcher

    Account Technology Advisor, Swisscom B2B

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