Webinar, May 31st 2022

Are you ready to attract the next gen of customers?

What you can expect

  • Learn how social media can help watch brands better understand consumer trends, expectations and frustrations
  • Discover approaches to attract, engage and retain the next generation of customers
  • Hear about the benefits of integrating data throughout the customer journey

In this discussion, we will talk about the behaviors of younger generations and how to attract and retain them. We will dive into tech trends that can be translated to the luxury watch industry, as well as how brands can maximize engagement and sales across new channels.

«By 2025, younger generations become more demographically dominant in luxury, representing 70% of global purchases.»

- Bain & Co


Buyers are getting increasingly digital and today’s services and engagement are mainly delivered through physical channels. How can you benefit from both worlds to strengthen the relationship?

  • «Unmask the power of the data-driven organization to develop new value proposition and improve customer experience.»

    Bernard Jaccard
    Digital Transformation Advisor, Swisscom

  • «Community is the brand’s most precious asset in a digital world, and in the Web3, it will be even more key.»

    Aurélie David

  • «We’re at the cusp of a digital revolution within the luxury industry. Brands and consumers are shaping how the market will adopt Web 3.0.»

    Dillon Bhatt
    Collector, Investor, Advisor

  • «We focus on a mobile first ecosystem and help brands engage with their customers during the product life cycle.»

    Leonie Flückiger
    Co-Founder Adresta AG

  • «Unify your data sources to create an in-depth profile of your customer and personalize your relationship.»

    Christel Newman
    Strategic Client Partner, Microsoft


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