Robotic Process Automation with Microsoft Power Automate: Best Practices


What you can expect

  • hear about the basics of robotic process automation
  • learn what Microsoft Power Platform can do for RPA
  • discover best practices for the implementation of a bot with Power Automate

Live on

10 November

11:00 Uhr

You are looking for a way to eliminate repetitive business tasks or increase your efficiency?
Microsoft Power Automate is the key to bring inefficient and time-consuming business processes into the digital world by handing over those tasks to a digital worker. As data management & data processing is becoming a bigger problem with the increasing amount of data to deal with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) handles those tasks for your organization.

« Robotic process automation with Microsoft Power Platform has huge potential to digitize business processes and thus reduce cost. »

In this webinar…

We will discover which best practices should be considered when automating a business process and what that means from a technical standpoint. You will learn how to quickly build an automation which handles basic tasks efficiently and what decisions need to be made regarding the bot creation process, managing a workflow and scheduling the execution.

  • «Process automation is not an option anymore – it has become a must-have to overcome the upcoming digital challenges. Fundamental issues such as the increasing amount of data to be processed can be solved by that.»

    Ruben Tavares

    Head of Intelligent Automation, Swisscom

  • «We fully support our customers on their individual journey into the (Microsoft) cloud»

    Andreas Schmid

    Principal Product Manager


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