• Hands-on Workshop From Techies for Techies: The Journey of Software through the Full Delivery Lifecycle

Online - Teams Event

Tuesday, September 14th, 09:00h - 12:00h

Ever asked yourself what problems we are actually trying to solve with technology? We use microservices patterns and event-based architectures to create modern applications. We orchestrate and run them as container-based deployments. The distributed nature of the solution calls for a set of tools to keep everything under control. If we look at the full picture and try to absorb every detail, it's overwhelming.


At this online event, we will show you how you can leverage containers, clusters and microservices and why they matter.
Following our introduction keynote, where we will take you on a cloud native journey through the full delivery lifecycle, Othmar Kesseli from the IT Service Center of the Federal Department of Justice and Police will share with us his experiences with setting up and operating their new "Application PaaS" platform. The focus is on the architecture of their TKGI environment, enhanced with a custom self-service portal and the various challenges they are faced with.


In the second part, hands-on deep dives will enable a smooth start into your hot topics. You will be able to choose from one of the three sessions below:

Buildpacks - The Magic To Containerize Your Apps On Kubernetes

more information about this session

Open Policy Agent - Keeping Kubernetes Safe

more information about this session

Unblock Your Applications - Learn how to build reactive, non-blocking microservices with Spring

more information about this session

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Online - Teams Event

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September 14th, 09:00h - 12:00h

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  • Othmar Kesseli

    Senior Cloud Architect, IT Service Center, Federal Department of Justice and Police

    Julian Dömer
  • Toni Stjepanovic

    Senior DevOps Engineer, Swisscom

    Hubert Rhomberg
  • Stefan Schmidt

    Senior Solution Engineer, VMware

    Friederike Hoffmann
  • Thomas Berchtold

    Senior DevOps Engineer, Swisscom

    Julian Dömer
  • Roman Bachmann

    Senior DevOps Engineer, Swisscom

    Julian Dömer

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