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IoT Climate Award – presented by Swisscom

IoT Climate Award
presented by Swisscom

The Swisscom IoT Climate Award honours outstanding achievements of organisations and their contributions towards climate protection. It also helps to inspire the industry to make positive changes and ensure a sustainable future.

IoT Climate Award 2020: These are the winners 

As part of IoT Day 2020, the IoT Climate Award was presented to three innovative companies for the first time on 23 January 2020.


The first prize was awarded to Cadec with its "TeleButler" solution. This innovative solution, which allows remote control of heating in holiday homes, significantly reduces CO2 emissions. The appealing design and user-friendly interface were additional factors that convinced the jury.


Sensile, the second ranked company, is considered a pioneer in IoT. The remote monitoring of gas and oil tanks has been ensuring more ecological logistics for over 20 years. Only when the tanks nearly are empty they are refilled. This significantly minimizes trips to the tanks.


Avelon achieved the third place with their system for monitoring and optimisation of heating, ventilation and cooling installations. The solution contributes to an essential reduction of CO2 and electricity in the main building of the Migros Cooperative Association in Zurich.

Principles of the Swisscom IoT Climate Award

The award ceremony in pictures










Criteria for the award


The following savings are possible depending on the area in question. If you have one of these figures, you can use it to register for the IoT for Climate Award.


  • Total number of kilometres saved in 2019
  • Total amount of energy saved (e.g. kWh, litres of heating oil/fuel etc.) in 2019
  • Total amount of CO2 saved in 2019 in tons


Total number of savings (value in relation to quality) / Total number of sensors in operation in 2019


Swisscom will award the innovative character of the solution: Have new hardware or software solutions been developed? Have new measuring techniques been developed? Were efforts made to research or identify new applications?

Customer experience

As a company, how do you rate your project in terms of customer experience? What advantage does your solution provide for the customer? How easy is the solution to use? Is the solution self-explanatory?

Support examples for the IoT Award

IoT can help save CO2 in many different ways. Here are some of the most exciting possibilities:

Smart metering

The automated transmission of consumption data via an IoT connection from intelligent meters (smart meters) eliminates the need for annual meter reading at the end consumer. This means the trips to read meters can be dispensed with.

Remote monitoring

Relates to the remote monitoring of fill levels (e.g. waste bins, filters, silos, etc.) or animals (e.g. farm animals such as cows or sheep) using sensors and the transmission thereof via a Swisscom IoT connection. The savings result from the reduction in the number of control or service runs.

Remote management

Relates to the possibility of remote maintenance to rectify faults or improve systems settings (e.g. heaters). This IoT application reduces service trips in relation to faults or increases the energy efficiency of the systems.

Fleet management

Managing, planning, controlling and monitoring vehicle fleets using IoT enables logistics and transport companies to optimise the routes to be travelled and the rolling stock in use. The savings are achieved by reducing the number of kilometres travelled by vehicles thanks to optimised routes, by reducing the number of vehicles required and providing information and feedback on driving style and vehicle efficiency. 

Your application form

The following application form is sufficient for the application for the Swisscom IoT for climate award 2021.

Jury and Prize

  • Kiva Allgood

    IoT & Automotive, Ericsson

    > LinkedIn

  • Stephen Neff

    CEO myclimate

    > LinkedIn

  • Res Witschi

    Head of Corporate Responsibility, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
    > LinkedIn

From all of the projects entered, three will be awarded the Swisscom IoT Climate Award. They will each receive a Green IoT Award, designed on a wooden board. They will also win a cash amount, which will be paid from the Swisscom Energy Efficiency Fund. The winner will receive CHF 10,000, second and third place will receive CHF 7,000 and 3,000 respectively.