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Webinar: Establishing blockchain business models


    21 january 2021, 11am

    Blockchain – technology for secure online transactions

Blockchain is much more than just the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Distributed ledger technology has the potential to revolutionise areas of business extending far beyond the field of digital currencies. Let us introduce you to the wide range of possible applications.

In this webinar we show you:


  • The advantages of shifting an application to blockchain.
  • The extent to which a maximum degree of safety can be guaranteed.
  • The blockchain applications available for the following sectors: finance, health, energy, public sector, pharmaceutical, industry.
  • Concrete examples from companies already working successfully with blockchain.
  • The blockchain solutions and services available at Swisscom.


We unpick these and other topics, with time for your individual questions.

Please check our website for more information



21 january 2021, 11am

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  • Speaker

    "Blockchain is the key technology for secure online transactions. With a reliable infrastructure and enabling modules, we make it easier for companies and public authorities to get started with blockchain-based business models."

    Roland Cortivo

    Head of Blockchain Infrastructure at Swisscom

  • Speaker

    "Already today, blockchain is one of the key components in bringing trust to the digital world, and even more so in the future"

    Lukas Hohl

    CEO at Swisscom Blockchain

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