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Preliminary discussion Work Smart


    Preliminary discussion Work Smart

Modern communication and collaboration solutions are changing the way co-workers interact and work with each other: They can hold online meetings and video conferences, access documents on the move and share knowledge.


This reduces travel costs and increases productivity, innovative capability and employee satisfaction. However, these benefits are only achieved if managers and employees actually use these tools and deploy them correctly. A change in working behaviour is required - a culture change must take place.

What we offer you in the preliminary discussion


You know what Work Smart means, and also the opportunities and benefits provided by a modern approach to work and new tools.

You know where your company stands when it comes to modernising jobs and the working world.

You know your core questions and the potential next steps.

Target group
The preliminary discussion is aimed at companies with 50 employees or more (knowledge workers) and is for people on the CXO level in the Marketing, Sales, HR and IT areas.
Duration and costs
Approx. 1 hour, offer free of charge.
Following your non-binding registration, a Work Smart Coach will phone you to make an appointment.


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