Michael Baeriswyl

«Intelligent companies rely on artificial intelligence»

Michael Baeriswyl

Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Michael’s interest lies at the intersection of disruptive technologies, human centered design and entrepreneurship. He is currently leading the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Group at Swisscom Enterprise Customers. Here, he and his team are transforming the business of Swisscom and its clients by applying artificial intelligence to empower people and automatize processes. Furthermore, he oversees the modularization of Swisscom’s software landscape, heading the Software as a Service and Enablers Group.

Before joining Swisscom, Michael conducted his doctoral studies at ETH Zurich and MIT in Boston. During his time at ETH, he co-founded a startup in the area of marketing analytics. Michael still engages in several research projects and gives lectures at universities, including ETH, EPFL and MIT.