Stefan Helfenberger

  • “Smart worlds of work are making inroads into all companies, because people make the difference”

Stefan Helfenberger

Solution Consultant

Stefan’s interests are centred around new and sustainable forms of work that give the work being done together in teams, and with customers and partners, a flexible and straightforward structure – “let’s work smart”. Within this context, he is directing his focus on three central elements: people, spaces and platforms. Stefan has been practising the Work Smart approach himself for more than 6 years, and can no longer imagine the old, location-dependent world of work based on physical presence. With his many years of experience as a project manager, account manager and consultant in the ICT sector, he brings the necessary practical experience to the topic, and the non-technology-specific advice, mentoring and change management he gives allows him to guarantee the success of his Work Smart projects.


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