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In December 2015, Swisscom & EPFL announced a strategic partnership to fund applied research and the creation of a digitalisation competence centre on the EPFL campus, the Swisscom Digital Lab.

Our lab is a collaborative space that brings together technologies, competences, methods and EPFL's research capabilities to fuel our customers' digital transformation. We help our customers to transform an idea into a solution in weeks with scalability and flexibility by design.

The lab's workspace and events program have been thoughtfully designed to foster collaboration and innovation.


Why choose the Swisscom Digital Lab?

Latest technologies

Access to our toolbox, a set of ready-to-use technologies that allows to rapidly develop custom solutions by easily connecting them.  

Design & prototyping methods

Work with our designers and HCD (Human Centered Design) consultants to identify your needs and those of your clients, ideate and develop a new concept. 

Pool of experts

Access to a top talents across consulting, development, design and data science from different industries.  

100% startup

Startups are agile and fast. We will coach you to be like one and develop your solution in less than 2 months.  

Office space

Work along with digital experts, startups and students. Immerge into a vibrating, positive and creative atmosphere. 

New skills

Increase your skills and network participating in our events, talks, networking and knowledge sharing sessions. 

How it works

Phase 1: Identifying problems, needs, opportunities & objectives

  • Understand the current situation - landscape, market, challenges, interests.
  • Explore stakeholder's needs and those of the final users (customers or employees)
  • Develop a clear picture of the problem(s) or business challenge(s)
  • Generate a range of possible solutions to the identified problem(s)

Phase 2: Determining requirements and defining the best solution

  • Analyze business and technical requirements
  • Look at each potential solution and carefully analyse it
  • Make a decision on which solution best suits the needs

Phase 3: Designing and implementing the selected solution

  • Define the project scope and determine a MVP
  • Staff the squad with all the needed roles
  • Complete conceptual design
  • Develop a working prototype or a proof on concept using agile development methodologies

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How to reach the Swisscom Digital Lab

Swisscom Digital Lab
EPFL Innovation Park
Building F, 3rd floor
1015 Lausanne.

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