Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2017

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2017

October 11-12 2017, Basel, Congress Center Basel

Cloud ​Foundry ​Summit ​Europe ​is ​the ​premier ​event ​for ​enterprise ​app ​developers. ​Want ​to ​focus ​on ​innovation ​and ​streamline ​your ​development ​pipeline? ​Europe ​Summit ​2017 ​will ​make ​you ​an ​expert ​in ​microservices ​and ​continuous ​delivery ​in ​your ​language ​or ​framework ​of ​choice. ​Fast-track ​yourself ​and ​your ​business ​with ​the ​quickest ​way ​to ​deliver ​apps!
Swisscom shows the Application Cloud - public and virtual private. And with this the Enterprise-grade services, running on the international standard of Cloud Foundry. Learn more about fonctionalities and possibilities resulting for you.
In break-out sessions and networking zone, you have the possibility to get in touch with our experts.

Date: October 11-12 2017
Ort: Congress Center Basel , Basel

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