Swisscom featuring WORLDWEBFORUM 2018









Swisscom featuring WORLDWEBFORUM 2018

The WORLDWEBFORUM, Switzerland’s leading business conference on digital transformation for decision-makers from all sectors of the Swiss economy takes place in Zurich on 18 January 2018.

As a long-term main partner of the Worldwebforum and the "digitalswitzerland" initiative, we are looking forward to a top-class line-up of speakers. Attended by pioneers and experts from all over the world, the conference will present the latest trends and strategies on digital transformation, to be discussed under the motto of "End of Nation".

Who has the power in the world and who makes the rules? Google, Facebook, Amazon and Co. are setting the agenda. Companies like these are driving the market-based innovation machine onwards. How can a company mobilise forces in order to become a key player?

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The most important facts in brief

Day 1:       "Main Day", 18 January 2018
Time: Admission starts at 7:30 am, while the programme starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:30 pm
Location: Stage One, Zürich-Oerlikon
Language: Englisch
10:30 – 11:00 am Your exclusive get-together with Glenn Gore, Chief-Architect of the Amazon Cloud, in the Swisscom Lounge
12:50 – 13:10 pm Experience Reto Fuchs, Head of Global Public Cloud at Swisscom, in the breakout session with Glenn Gore
16:15 – 16:35 pm Daniel Haudenschild, CEO Swisscom Blockchain AG, in the "Fire Chat" live with Sam Rosenblum, Director of Business Development, Coinbase

Day 2:       Vertical Fintech, 19 January 2018
Time: Admission starts at 1:00 am, with the programme starting at 2:00 pm and ending at 5:00 pm
Location: Stage One, Zürich-Oerlikon
Language: Englisch


An interactive breakout session with an open discussion on "How does open banking work?

02:50 – 03:05 pm Intro speech by Roland Cortivo, Fintech Innovation Manager, Swisscom Digital Business, Start-up Founders of Apiax and Gyvers Fintech-Stage
03:15 – 03:35 pm

Best cases with the three start-ups

1.    PriceHubble, Dominic Lüdin, Chief Commercial Officer

2.    Apiax, Nicolas Blanchard, Marketing & Finance

3.    und SWISS FIN LAB GmbH, Bernhard Oberhuber, CEO & Founder

and open discussion with the participating audience in the room Guns n'Roses.

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