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NZZ X.Days

25/26 March 2015, Hotel Jungfrau Viktoria, Interlaken

"Ready for the next revolution?"  This was the question considered by the approximately 400 participants of the 2015 NZZ X.Days in Interlaken. International speakers addressed the opportunities and challenges of the digital revolution as well as its effects on business models and companies.

Drones, communicating everyday objects, 3D printers, sensors and machine-to-machine applications are being networked into what has been dubbed "the Internet of Things." Much of this is already a reality, but much more will eventually become commonplace. The sharing economy is likewise developing, making possession an outdated concept and sharing the norm. In spite of all the technology, the customer is always centre stage, increasingly acting as the co-creator of products for companies as well as their most important ambassador.

All the speakers were convinced that digitisation will shape our economy. The question is not when digitisation will come, but how quickly and to what extent. That's why companies must consider right now what it means for them and how they can be involved. The NZZ X.Days provided the necessary inspiration.

Would you like to read the most important points again? Exclusively for you, we've put together a review of the event including our insight.

Did you miss the Swisscom knowledge session entitled "The Internet of Things: hype or real opportunity?”? Be inspired by new opportunities You can find the session here.

All the talks and presentations can be found on the NZZ X.Days blog.