PrivaSphere Secure Messaging docks with Docsafe by Swisscom

Zurich, 16 December 2014

PrivaSphere is teaming up with Docsafe by Swisscom to enhance services related to the secure exchange of data. Registered secure e-mails and confidential messages delivered via PrivaSphere’s delivery platform can now be saved and managed in Docsafe as signed PDF files. This means that users can access their secure documents at any time and from anywhere.

Companies and private individuals use PrivaSphere for secure and authenticated communication via the Internet. Founded in 2002, the Zurich-based company offers the first federally recognised1 secure e-mail delivery platform. The solution is used by financial service providers, health organisations and federal, cantonal and municipal authorities, including those of St. Gallen, Berne, Zug, Schaffhausen, the founding cantons, Ticino and Zurich.


PrivaSphere is now docking its secure delivery platform with Docsafe by Swisscom. Launched in the summer of 2014, Docsafe by Swisscom allows private customers to save documents in their personal cloud in Switzerland. There they can be managed, accessed from anywhere in the world and shared with anyone – via computer, tablet or phone, encrypted over the Internet.


The combination of PrivaSphere and Docsafe will enable private individuals and companies to save and store electronic registered mail and confidential messages with all their other important documents in one place for an unlimited time. According to the project manager responsible for the project at Swisscom, Claudio Mirti, linking PrivaSphere to Docsafe offers another advantage: «Important files can be accessed from anywhere via a number of devices.» All data is encrypted during transfer and saving, and stored in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland.


PrivaSphere CEO Ralf Hauser sees the collaboration with Swisscom as «a vital step in digitising processes that usually require a lot of effort and paper.» The combined offer of PrivaSphere’s delivery platform and Docsafe’s cloud-based document management solution is available from today. Private and institutional users will be charged CHF 0.05 per e-mail for the delivery of PrivaSphere notifications into Docsafe2. For new users of the combination offer, the first 200 notifications will be free.


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in accordance with the Ordinance on Electronic Transmission for Civil and Criminal Trials and for Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Proceedings (VeÜ-ZSSchK) and the Ordinance on Electronic Transmission for Administrative Proceedings (VeÜ-VwV) (in force since 1 January 2011)


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