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Swisscom helps shape the latest generation Cloud platform

Bern, 12 February 2015

With immediate effect, Swisscom has a seat on the Board of Directors of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. With its Platform as a Service solution, this international foundation is creating the basic framework for fast, agile software development. For its own Cloud initiatives, Swisscom likewise relies on this open source model.

Swisscom has been a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation from the very start. This non-profit foundation is developing an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. As a gold member, Swisscom has been collaborating on source code since August 2014 and helping direct the platform's strategic direction. Now the foundation members have elected Swisscom to the Board of Directors together with international heavyweights such as IBM, HP, SAP, VMware, Intel and EMC. Marco Hochstrasser, Head of Application Cloud at Swisscom and new Member of the Board of Directors at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, comments, «Swisscom enjoys wide acceptance in the Cloud community. People have confidence in our innovations, and this appointment confirms our active collaboration.»

Swisscom relies on open source software for the Cloud

In its development work, Swisscom itself has been using the open source PaaS environment from Cloud Foundry since 2013 and has made this service available to a limited base of partners and customers. As Hochstrasser explains, «Thanks to wide support from major manufacturers, Cloud Foundry has developed into a de facto standard for modern Cloud-based applications, similar to the work Linux has done in the server market. Swisscom will assist in creating a healthy ecosystem made up of users, developers and suppliers who are unified by a common, standardised platform.»

Faster to market with PaaS

Fast and agile with new applications to the market – these few words sum up the benefits of the Cloud Foundry. Developers have at their disposal both the infrastructure and the necessary services automatically in the Cloud. Cloud Foundry handles the orchestration of servers, memory, network, middleware and databases so developers can focus exclusively on programming the logic behind their applications.

Swisscom at the leading edge of the Cloud

The consulting company IDC predicts roughly 27 per cent annual growth for PaaS through 2018. In Switzerland, Swisscom is the pioneer in providing an open, innovative PaaS offering. Swisscom intends to provide its customers with a first commercial offering as early as 2015.

About Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) 6 independent open source organization established to drive long-term growth and health of Cloud Foundry. As the leading open source platform as a service, Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications by providing an open ecosystem of developer frameworks and application services.

To learn more about Cloud Foundry visit www.cloudfoundry.org