Swisscom extends its Cloud offering with PaaS

Bern, 2 October 2015

Swisscom is extending its Cloud offering with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The Swisscom Application Cloud is aimed at developers looking to provision and scale Cloud-native applications quickly for an open-source environment.

Fast and agile with new applications to the market: these few words sum up the benefits of the new Swisscom Application Cloud. Developers have at their disposal both the infrastructure and the necessary services automatically in the public Cloud. The Application Cloud takes on the orchestration of servers, storage facilities, networks, middleware and databases. Developers are thus free to focus on programming the application. 

Architecture that's in tune with the times

The platform offers a portfolio of services. These include MongoDB, MariaDB, RabbitMQ and an object storage environment. On offer are two container expressions: LXC/Garden and, from 2016, Docker/runC. The platform supports the most common program languages from Java, PHP, ruby, go, python and nodeJS all the way to .NET. The open-source PaaS environment is based on Cloud Foundry, the de facto standard for up-to-the-minute Cloud-native applications. Thanks to Cloud Foundry, applications can also be moved to hybrid Cloud environments. Swisscom is a founder member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, has been involved in developing the source code since August 2014 and exercises influence on the platform's strategic direction.

Continuous innovation

Swisscom possesses many years of experience when it comes to Cloud applications. Numerous applications are already running in the highly accessible and secure Swisscom Cloud. Hosting in excess of 1000 applications, the PaaS environment has had in-house use at Swisscom since early 2014. Marcel Walker, Head of Cloud & Datacenter Services at Swisscom Enterprise Customers, says: "The Application Cloud represents a powerful tool for continuous innovation. The results of our close collaborations with start-ups and Cloud Foundry flow directly into it. It means that technologically we have our finger on the pulse and can further drive the transformation of Swiss business towards the digital future."


This year's HackZurich from 2 to 4 October 2015 finds Swisscom unveiling the platform before the European developer community. The new Platform-as-a-Service solution can be used by HackZurich attendees free-of-charge.


In an initial phase, the public Cloud solution is open for private software developers in Switzerland, as well as for commercial enterprises in Switzerland, Europe and the USA. Users pay by credit card only for exactly what they use in terms of instances, storage and services. Access is via the Swisscom Developer Portal:

Data held in Switzerland

In a second phase from 2016 onwards, Swisscom is offering corporate customers a virtual private expression of the Application Cloud complete with dedicated instances, an individual portal and invoicing. In the case of either expression, public or virtual private, Swisscom accords data sovereignty the highest priority. Swisscom operates the Cloud from its own cutting-edge Swiss data centres. Within Switzerland, data transfer takes place on its own network.

Details on Application Cloud at HackZurich

Journalists wishing to know more should visit the Swisscom Stand at Europe's largest hackathon, HackZurich, (2-4 October from 18:00, Technopark Zurich) to receive details of and background information on the PaaS solution.