15 years of Conextrade

Bern, 8 July 2015

Conextrade is celebrating its 15th birthday. From its beginnings as a traditional electronic data interchange (EDI) provider, Swisscom's B2B platform has developed into one of the leading platforms for electronic procurement (E-Procurement) and invoicing (E-Invoicing International). Conextrade's customers process tens of billions of purchases and invoices via the platform each year.

Swisscom established subsidiary Conextrade AG in July 2000 at the height of the Internet and e-commerce trend to offer electronic business services. Traditional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services were also integrated into Conextrade. Swisscom had been providing EDI services since as far back as the 1980s.

In the course of its 15 years of existence, Conextrade has developed into a major platform for electronic procurement and invoicing (procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes). The range has been extended continuously with the addition of services such as E-Invoicing International, which offers VAT compliance support for 50 countries, Scanning2E Invoicing, multichannel invoicing, Archiving Switzerland and International and E-Invoicing via PDF. For SMEs, the Conextrade portal is available on a self-service/self-registration basis. Conextrade's customers include many well-known companies from all kinds of sectors such as ABB, Alpiq, Basler Versicherungen, Coop, Zurich Airport, Geberit, Georg Fischer, Nestlé and SV Group. A major Swiss bank has been consistently managing its procurement electronically via Conextrade since as long ago as 2001.

Invoicing processes as a cost factor

By switching from paper to electronic processes, all of these companies achieve long-term cost savings of up to 50 per cent. Furthermore, they do not need to make compromises in terms of the legal validity of their processes. It is easy to connect suppliers – from strategic partners to tradespeople – to the platform. The Conextrade platform is operated exclusively in Switzerland in Swisscom's modern data centres.

Big step for digital transformation

Today, Conextrade is incorporated into Swisscom as a profit centre and has seen rapid customer growth in view of the ongoing digitisation trend over the past few years. Head of Conextrade Eros Merlini says: "With Conextrade, companies can take the first step in their digital transformation process quickly and easily. The results are sustainable and visible immediately." Conextrade's customers process tens of billions of purchases and invoices via the platform each year.