IaaS settled by the hour

Bern, 7 April 2015

Swisscom once again ups the ante for its infrastructure services from the cloud: up to 40 percent cheaper processing power and storage, more agile resource allocation and more flexible backup. The new generation of Dynamic Computing Services (DCS) is available since April.

As of April, Swisscom will be offering its cloud-based infrastructure services, the so-called dynamic computing services, with lower cost processing power and storage; it is also expanding its agile use of services and usage-based billing, and focusing on a flexible backup.

Up to 40 percent cheaper

As of April 2015, Swisscom is offering processing power and storage with an up to 40 percent discount. Stefan Ruckstuhl, the product manager responsible for DCS at Swisscom, explains: "We doubled our number of subscribers and the volume in 2014. We are now able to pass on the economies of scale to our customers in the form of discounts.“ Apart from just cutting the prices, Swisscom continues to gear its service to a pay-as-you-use model. One new feature is that usage will be settled on an hourly instead of a daily basis. Customers can thus acquire agile services and only pay for what they actually use.

Easy and agile use of resources

Agility is also the focus of the new dynamic data center services. Whereas up to now, IT managers have had to reserve the computing services they need in advance in the portal, they can now so set up their virtual data center on the basis of four different vCPU performance classes too. Only those resources that are actually used will be charged, on an hourly instead of a daily basis. This enables an automated operation via technical interfaces (API). Virtual machines can thus be easily provisioned, horizontally scaled and, for example, web servers dynamically started to balance out loads.

Backup and restore improved

The new generation of dynamic computing services also improves data backup. From April, companies can directly access daily snapshots themselves in the cloud portal for two days and restore both individual files as well as entire virtual systems in a matter of minutes. In addition, a daily outsourced backup remains available for 30 days which also allows the customer to restore their own data. Swisscom saves all of the data in modern data centres on Swiss soil.

For more information about dynamic computing services from Swisscom: www.swisscom.ch/dcs