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Swisscom and xonion cooperate on mobile patient record for hospitals

Swisscom and xonion cooperate on mobile patient record for hospitals

Berne, 11 June 2015

Swisscom is working with xonion to develop a standalone digital patient record for mobile devices for use in hospitals. Digital patient records ensure improved data quality and efficiency in hospitals, as well as greater satisfaction for patients and employees. Easy-to-customise input masks enable doctors and nurses to enter data directly whilst talking to the patient. The solution will be available on the market from 2016.

Swisscom and xonion signed a partnership agreement at the mobile eHealth congress in Fulda (Germany). The German company specialises in mobile healthcare IT solutions. Experts from xonion and Swisscom are now developing a comprehensive digital patient record for tablet and smart phone, called the Swisscom Medical Record app. The solution is a standalone app and the ease with which data can be entered and forms completed simplifies documentation for doctors and nursing staff. Robert Gebel, Head of Business Development at Swisscom Enterprise Customers, said: "The Swisscom Medical Record app will further expand Swisscom's offering in the growth market of health. This digitisation will support hospitals in becoming more efficient and ensure better-quality treatment."

One view of the entire hospital's internal patient file

Swisscom Medical Record gives all hospital staff involved in the treatment process rapid access to the patient file, from any location. The solution can be connected to all existing hospital information systems. With a single click, doctors can thus view and also enter all patient data, from their case history to current test results and medication, directly from the patient's bedside. The app can also be used offline, which is particularly useful for visiting consultants.

Forms that are easy to construct and intuitive to use

A second benefit of this solution is its form designer, which enables the app to be adapted quickly and easily to suit specific requirements and to incorporate documentation specific to specialist departments. In addition, voice recognition makes it easy to enter text. The app currently runs on the iOS operating system and thus functions on iPods, iPhones, iPads and the Apple watch - other operating systems will follow.

Improved quality of medical data

The basic solution is already available and is currently being finalised in co-creation with specialists from various hospitals. Their technical prowess coupled with the technological expertise of xonion and Swisscom will ensure an improvement to the quality of medical documentation and thus also to treatment outcomes. Having an up-to-date view of data at any time increases both patient satisfaction and the satisfaction of hospital staff.

Swisscom Medical Records will be available on the market from 2016. Hospitals pay per user account and per month. There are no licence fees. The aim is also to combine the app seamlessly with the patient file Evita and Swisscom's data communication platform. Swisscom is thus a one-stop provider of integrated solutions for healthcare.

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