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Sustainability pays off – also for businesses

Berne, 24 march 2015

Swisscom is launching a sustainable service for businesses on 24 March 2015 – Mobile Bonus Business. This will allow them to sell their old mobile phones and tablets – for a good purpose.

4.3 million people in Switzerland owned a smartphone and 2.4 million a tablet in 2014 – and the trend is pointing upwards. Barely has a device been sold and there is already a better, more attractive model on the market. It is therefore no wonder that many devices end up languishing in a drawer – despite the fact that many of them still have a high selling value and contain valuable raw materials. The same also holds true for business customers: Swisscom Enterprise Customers is receiving an increasing number of inquiries about the repurchase of devices.

Mobile Bonus Business now also enables businesses to recycle their used or faulty smartphones and tablets – in a simple and above all secure manner and regardless of whether they are Swisscom business customers. To do so they send their old devices free of charge to RS Switzerland, Swisscom's partner company. This is responsible for the entire logistics as well as securely deleting the data by means of a certified process and reselling the devices. The businesses can then have the sales proceeds paid out to them or credited to their Swisscom Mobile invoice. Alternatively, they can donate the money to the SOS-Kinderdorf foundation and support children in need with the "Mobile Phone 4 Development" project.

All parties benefit

Swisscom has for some time been offering similar services to residential customers with Mobile Aid and Mobile Bonus. In contrast to this, Mobile Bonus Business offers businesses free and organised transport of larger quantities of old devices as well. Furthermore, the new service for businesses meets the higher requirements in terms of data deletion and VAT-relevant credits. For Alexandra Reich, Head of Mobility at Swisscom Enterprise Customers, Mobile Bonus Business offers a great deal of added value: "Businesses can now return their abundance of old mobile phones and tablets. The devices are given a new lease of life or disposed of in a professional manner, thereby protecting the environment. And every donation to the SOS-Kinderdorf foundation ensures families in Nepal a better future."

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