Redis-as-a-Service enriches Swisscom Application Cloud

Bern, 02. November 2015

With Redis, Swisscom is introducing a new feature for its Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on Cloud Foundry. Redis is an open-source in-memory database and is specifically designed for highly scalable cloud-native applications. Redis-as-a-Service is already available from CHF 9.00 per month.

The Swisscom Application Cloud has been on the market since the beginning of October. The public PaaS offer based on Cloud Foundry is already being used by hundreds of developers in Switzerland, the US and Europe. Access is available on a self-service basis via the Swisscom Developer-Portal.

Swisscom is now extending the offer with Redis-as-a-Service in the latest Redis 3.05 version. Marco Hochstrasser, Head of Application Cloud at Swisscom, says: 'Thanks to feedback from our customers, we have been able to set out clear priorities – our developer community needs a key-value store and has made this a top priority. Redis is the most popular key-value store. This made choosing a high-performance in-memory database that bit easier.'

Key-value store for modern micro-service architectures

Key-value stores are particularly suitable for interim storage of large numbers of small datasets. One example is the session management associated with modern Web applications. The simplified horizontal scaling of applications makes it difficult to manage sessions on a local basis. In cases such as this, an interim storage option like Redis offers a fast and easy solution. Given the simple structure of the database, Redis can also scale applications quickly, which makes it ideal for modern micro-service architectures. Like all services within the Application Cloud, Swisscom is offering Redis in the form of simple price plans (small, medium and large). The small version of Redis-as-a-Service is available already from CHF 9.00 a month.

Redis extends service range for cloud-native application development

Redis represents an addition to the already broad range of services for Swisscom's open-source PaaS environment. These include MongoDB, MariaDB, RabbitMQ and an object storage environment. On offer are two containers: LXC/Garden and, from 2016, Docker/runC. The platform supports the most common program languages, from Java, PHP, ruby, go, python and nodeJS through to .NET.

Cloud Foundry Summit: the European cloud ecosystem gets together

Swisscom has chosen to activate the new Redis service for the developer community during the Cloud Foundry Summit that is currently taking place in Berlin. The Cloud Foundry Summit is the main get-together for the European Cloud Foundry community. Swisscom, as a Gold Member and member of the Foundation's Board, is taking this opportunity to show developers just how powerful Swisscom's modern PaaS environment is, with data held exclusively in Switzerland.

Details regarding Application Cloud at the Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin

Interested journalists can find out more and get some background information about the new PaaS offer and the relevant features at the Swisscom booth during the Cloud Foundry Summit in Berlin (2-3 November at the Hotel Andel in Berlin).


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