Valiant launches digital finance portal for SMEs

Bern, 23. July 2015

Valiant makes further advances in the digitalisation of banking. In collaboration with Swisscom, they will be launching an innovative, digital finance portal for SMEs at the beginning of 2016. The centrepiece is the online accounting which is closely linked to the eBanking of Valiant. This unique combination in Switzerland makes accounting, document management and payment transactions easier and more efficient for SMEs.

Valiant and Swisscom formed a strategic partnership for the digitalisation of the bank and banking operations in February this year. Now the two companies are presenting the first service from this cooperation, which will be launched in early 2016.

Online accounting and eBanking from a single source

The new SME finance portal offers companies online accounting, which is directly linked to the eBanking of Valiant. Incoming and outgoing payments from eBanking are automatically transferred and recorded in the financial accounts of the SME - no more complicated back and forth between the different systems. Unique to Switzerland, the permeability and constantly updated online accounting increase transparency and simplify the financial management of SMEs.

For SMEs and trustees

Valiant has always been a typical retail and SME bank. 40,000 companies have a business relationship with the national bank - or about 10 percent of Swiss SMEs. The new finance portal from Valiant offers them a service that saves time. And it facilitates the work companies do with their trustees. The tool is also useful for trustees who can discuss current financial issues with business people and deal with periodical statements without the need of any actual documents.

Modular structure with scanning service

The finance portal has a modular structure. The SMEs select which services they want to use and to what extent. For example, it offers a scanning service in which the invoices are scanned into a processing centre and added to the online accounting of the SME. The user can view the invoices and release payments - all in the same tool. Valiant and Swisscom plan to extend the finance portal for SMEs in the coming months with additional services. It is implemented by Swisscom for Valiant, later other banks will also be able to use it.

Further steps in digitalisation

Digitalisation also changes the needs of the customer. Together with its strategic partner Swisscom, Valiant will be developing additional digital services and introducing them onto the market. The two partners combine technical expertise and banking experience. In April 2015, Valiant launched a mobile banking app which customers can use to access their eBanking via smartphone or tablet. In addition, it continues to work on the launch of a payment solution for private customers in retail and online shops.

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Marc Andrey, Valiant media spokesperson, 031 320 96 01,

About Valiant

Valiant is an independent regional bank operating exclusively in Switzerland for SMEs, retail clients and affluent private customers in German and French-speaking Switzerland. Valiant has total assets of 25.4 billion Swiss francs, employs approx. 1,000 people and serves approx. 400,000 customers. The business area covers the cantons of Aargau, Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt, Bern, Freiburg, Jura, Luzern, Neuenburg, Solothurn, Waadt and Zug.




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